About spearMaven

SpearMaven helps B2B companies grow faster and smarter through superior account-based marketing.

Growing a business consumes time, effort and working capital.  SpearMaven’s mission is to help your business grow faster with available resources. 

But not all growth is the same. 

Some growth is more profitable or strategically desirable.  SpearMaven helps you apply precision and focus in targeting your markets to seize the right opportunities at the right time for the best result and optimal growth.

Account-based marketing gets you there.

About spearMaven: Helping You Identify the Right Targets

he Old Way

Conventional inbound lead generation is a broad-based activity casting a wide net, originally evolved to best serve the needs of B2C businesses.  It’s like fishing with a net—you spend a lot of effort catching things you don’t want or can’t eat.

B2B is different.

Accounts are the lifeblood of B2B business. 

Account-based marketing narrows focus and intensifies effort in the right places.  It has evolved specifically for B2B companies to help them perform better.  It’s like fishing with a spear—carefully targeting the accounts you really want and applying decisive measured effort to land them.

Most B2B businesses have a good sense of their target market and ideal customer, but not as many are armed with the right tools, knowhow and processes to clinically target and systematically penetrate those segments.


he Better Way

B2B businesses can get on top of the targeting challenge by deploying services and software that arm your business with an end-to-end, soup-to-nuts account-based marketing solution.

You can work with your existing third party software to optimize performance and make sure it works as part of a connected whole that fully supports your marketing and sales organizations in a single seamless revenue cycle. Additional third party software can then enhance your account-based marketing capabilities.

Help your business grow smarter.