Zabi Niazi

Zabi Niazi Digital Strategy Manager

Digital Strategy Director

Zabi Niazi has over 10 years experience in information technology and digital and social marketing. In the digital marketing field he has developed a holistic total-view approach that fully integrates and connects digital and social programs with the real world side of business.  Zabi has a compulsive passion for working with systems and technology to engineer superior performance. He lives and breathes technology.

He has established himself as an optimization expert in website development and management for both B2C and B2B businesses, developing proprietary methodologies for maximizing digital and social impact and influence.  In his native Afghanistan he managed the IT infrastructure of a supranational organization providing logistics support for foreign military and international aid agencies.  After spending his first US winter in Michigan, Zabi decided to move to California.

He studied Management Information Systems at San Jose State University and has been a Bay Area resident for 6 years.