Account-Based Marketing overview

ABM from A-to-Z

Account-based Marketing (ABM) transforms your business from passive dependence on inbound marketing leads to proactive outbound targeting and penetration of accounts that represent your ideal customer profile.

Well executed ABM enables your business to take its growth and destiny into your own hands.  Not only can you quantify your actual growth, you can also gain greater insight into the growth you should be achieving.  For growing companies this is a particular challenge, because good growth often creates a blind spot for outstanding growth.

To achieve effective ABM you need to gain full command over a comprehensive set of factors within your business that you may not have previously had complete control over, including  data, strategy, process and workflow, reporting, analytics and ongoing maintenance.

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Account Based Marketing blueprint

First things first.  Successful ABM requires going deep into your sales and marketing infrastructure to make sure you have the right data and are using it the right way.


ABM Foundation ensures your Salesforce platform is properly configured and calibrated to monitor and control all the critical elements of your account-based marketing and sales activities.  This includes:


  • Clearly defining your target markets and identifying the superset of ideal target accounts
  • Auditing your existing accounts and checking how closely they overlap against ideal targets
  • Cleansing and segmenting your accounts to align them with your business goals
  • Configuring and assigning sales territories
  • Assigning accounts and aligning leads and contacts
  • Defining your key target personas and identifying who they are     
  • Enriching leads and contacts with key data
  • Modeling your product catalog and restructuring where necessary
  • Configuring campaign hierarchies and integrating them with your marketing activities

Next is getting your account based marketing strategy right.


ABM Strategy comprehensively covers all key aspects of your account based marketing strategy. We address all key elements contributing to your success including:


  • Outbound marketing infrastructure
  • Content management and development of your marketing content matrix
  • Targeting and retargeting capability
  • Real-time personalization
  • Digital and social account targeting
  • Website optimization
  • Digital and social performance management

Ensuring your account-based marketing processes support strategy is essential. This is where the rubber really hit the road.  Without the right processes, you simply cannot execute.


ABM Process Suite is a set of leading edge best practices tailored specifically to realize successful account based marketing strategies.  If ABM Strategy is the roadmap, ABM Process Suite is the action plan.   


ABM Process Suite covers a comprehensive set of day-to-day practices and procedures including:


  • ABM lifecycle implementation and training
  • User workflows and task management
  • Automation routines for digital and social
  • Account engagement metrics and management
  • Scoring of leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities
  • Predictive analytics and target model refinement
  • ABM Dashboard set-up and ongoing management
  • User guides and other working documentation

Consistency is everything.  Unless you can maintain your account based processes and consistently execute, you will not be able to sustain improvements in sales performance and business growth over time.


ABM Maintenance provides you with an ongoing set of recurring maintenance functions that keep your ABM engine humming and continuing to deliver results. These include:


  • ABM lifecycle maintenance
  • Ongoing metrics for account engagement
  • Automated continuous lead and account enrichment
  • Automated continuous lead-to-account matching
  • Ongoing lead/contact/account maintenance
  • Ongoing grading and targeting

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Digital & Social Marketing Management overview

DSM from A-to-Z

Digital and Social Marketing Management (DSM) projects your online presence and transforms the world into your own tailored target market.

Well executed DSM is a vital complement to your ABM strategy.  It enables your market presence to be maximized in the most cost effective manner and the harnesses this presence to drive both your inbound and outbound targeting activities.

Mastering DSM has become increasingly challenging and complex.  There are now so many digital moving parts that are inter-connecting and affecting each other, it requires a holistic management approach to maximize results at the lowest cost.

Comprehensive DSM

With a holistic approach to digital and social management, a DSM program can cover the full gamut of digital and social activities. This is built on the reality that all major components in the digisphere are interconnected moving parts affecting each other.

Configured correctly, all digital and social components can be made to reinforce each other while systematically minimizing the unit cost for pay-per-click strategies.

Regardless of where you wish to place emphasis, all other components have an important part to play in maximizing results: a multi-variate optimization approach delivers maximum results. 

DSM Reporting and Communication

A DigiSocial Dashboard empowers users to closely track digital and social activities. Performance and improvements are quantified and reported, helping users gain clear insight into where their DSM strategy is making an impact and why. It also enables continuous fine tuning of your DSM strategy for improved results.

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spearMaven DSM Product Sheet

Disgital and Social Management blueprint

  • Website Performance Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Organic search
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Google Webmaster Management
  • Google Analytics
  • Tag management
  • DigiSocial Dashboard TM
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Remarketing
  • Keyword Analysis
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Paid Spend Optimization
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Influencer Management
  • Retargeting
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Competitor digital footprint review
  • Competitor tools analysis
  • Relative ranking
  • Domain Registration
  • Real-Time Personalization
  • Personalized Retargeting
  • Account-based Targeting
  • Website Hosting
  • Content Management Systems Advisory
  • Mobile Website Development
  • Responsive Layout Website Design
  • Review Management
  • Customer Feedback
  • Press Release Distribution
  • PR Optimization
  • Events Promotion
  • Lead Assessment/Qualification/Routing
  • Lead Generation Metrics
  • Marketing Automation Alignment
  • Email Automation Alignment
  • Campaign Alignment
  • Digital & Social Pipeline Attribution
  • Salesforce Alignment
  • Account Alignment
  • Persona Alignment
  • Pipeline Alignment

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