Why MarTech

Mastering MarTech for greater growth

With the right perspective and approach, MarTech will make your marketing stronger and growth greater.Everybody says they’re different.  Well, we wouldn’t expect you to believe it unless we could back it up.  So here goes…

A Better Perspective

B2B marketing and sales can no longer afford the luxury of not being perfectly aligned and working seamlessly together.  In the age of digital marketing and sales, there are too many great automation tools available for a business not to be operating as a seamless marketing-sales revenue machine.


Marketing and sales technology has grown so fast in the last few years, many businesses cannot keep pace with the capabilities and promise of the many specialist and niche marketing tools, much less keep track of the complex ways in which they interact and (sometimes not) cooperate with each other.   There are too many moving parts.


As tech-native marketing practitioners who have wrestled with these very same challenges—and cracked the code—we have gained a better perspective and are dedicated to harnessing that knowledge and know how for the benefit of B2B marketers.

MarTech Explosion

The Single Seamless Revenue Cycle

The fundamentals of marketing really have changed.  It is no longer acceptable to not know exactly how much every marketing dollar you spend has contributed to pipeline, bookings, revenues and growth.  The age of the single seamless end-to-end marketing-sales revenue cycle is here —and it has huge implications for all B2B marketers.

Accountability rules.  So does transparency.  Get ahead of the curve by gaining command over marketing technology and setting your B2B business on a solid footing for maximum growth.

Good Data Rules

If there’s one truth that permeates all of marketing and sales, it’s that without accurate and complete data your business will never perform to its full potential.  Poor data means slower sales, lower win rates, less competitive awareness, more ground ceded to competitors—and slower growth.

With Good Data, The Sky's The Limit

Mastering data deep down inside the Salesforce data model can be the source of your greatest account-based marketing strength.  Managed well here, data problems are solved at the source, nipping them in the bud before they cascade into ever bigger problems of inaccuracy and incompleteness that can plague day-to-day decision-making in your marketing and sales organizations.

No matter how many marketing and sales technologies and apps you connect with Salesforce, you can gain command and control over data to a level you have never previously had. In turn this extracts greater value from your entire marketing and sales infrastructure to better support sales and drive revenues.

No Bad Data

spearMaven Turns Your ABM Gears

Harness MarTech better

By harnessing MarTech better, you will bring all these complex moving parts together and make them sing. You will be able to target the right prospects at the right time and convert them into customers sooner.

Our mission is to help good B2B marketers be great.  It’s a challenge we don’t take lightly.  We’re up for the challenge if you are. 

Start targeting the right accounts to grow your business