Website Management

Website management is probably the single most important part of your digital and social marketing strategy. Everything else depends on it. A well managed website reinforces everything else you do in the digital and social realm. It is your digital calling card to the world,  including all current and future customers. Your website is also the key connector between the digital-social realm and your broader real-world sales and marketing strategy. Done right, website management makes sure that no opportunity to connect and engage with your target audience is missed. Website Management covers a comprehensive range of digital necessities and performance boosters, from basics like domain registration, website hosting, responsive layout website design, mobile website development and re-targeting, to more advanced functions including real time personalization, account-based targeting, and content management systems advisory.

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Website Management

Domain Registration
Real-time Personalization
Personalized Retargeting
Account-based Targeting
Website Hosting
Content Management Systems Advisory
Mobile Website Development
Responsive Layout Website Design

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